#8 Yamaneco - Book discussion "Coaching Agile Team"

Tue, 26 May 2020 19:30 - 21:30 JST




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Yamaneco Book Discussion

Yamaneco Book Discussion is a monthly event for professionals who wants to become Agile coach or who wants to improve their agile coaching skills. The idea is create a shared understanding of the book "Coaching Agile Teach" by Lyssa Adkins.

This time we try to make online session at our discord server.

What is "Coaching Agile Team"?

"Coaching Agile Team" is a book written by Lyssa Adkins talking about different aspects of agile coaching, for example what it means to be an agile coach, how to develop oneself further etc. In addition, since there is no Japanese version of the book, we would like to translate to book while having an open discussion at the same time about its content.

How to

Translation the book with mob translation (aka. mob programming). Preparation are not necessary.

Rough agenda

  1. Sending DISCORD invitation : 25.May
  2. Planning 19:30-19:45
  3. Translation sprint#1 19:45-20:10
  4. Translation sprint#2 20:15-20:40
  5. Translation sprint#3 20:45-21:10
  6. Retrospective 21:15-21:30

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